About Us

(also see the Glossary, the Frequently Asked Questions, and the Timeline of Events and Responses)

Carolyn and Michael are the ACCtoo co-founders. They are both PhD candidates at the University of Toronto, and have presented case studies at scholarly conferences on how Christian institutions in the United States respond to sexual abuse.

You can find their rules of practice and statement of competing interests below.

Our Rules of Practice

  1. We are a team. We practice collaborative listening, writing, and decision-making. We communicate as a team.
  2. Our practices and our stewardship of our capacities slows us down. This is intentional.
  3. We seek reform in how the Anglican Church of Canada responds to all survivors. Unfortunately due to our limited capacities we cannot act as advocates for individual survivors in active cases.
  4. We believe survivors are individual human beings, each with their own agency and goals.
  5. We believe survivors deserve respect for their dignity, their privacy, their safety, their time, their emotional boundaries, and all other boundaries they request.
  6. We believe survivors should control their own story, including what is shared, with whom, when, and how.
  7. We believe every member of the church is equally important, regardless of their position or status.
  8. We share our rules so others can understand our work and our practices. We welcome advice about how to better support survivors.

Competing Interest Statement

Carolyn and Michael identify as Anglicans and worship in Anglican churches. They have never worked full-time for a church or pursued ordination as a priest or deacon. They have never served on the board of any Anglican church or organization or attended a diocesan or national synod.

Michael receives occasional honoraria for teaching and preaching at his local church. The largest amount he has received in a year is $1400. In the past, he volunteered to represent the Anglican Church of Canada on an ecumenical committee on biotechnology and bioethics. He now volunteers on an internal church committee on spiritual abuse.

Carolyn and Michael regularly request and receive advice from a variety of Anglicans. None of our unofficial advisors are archdeacons or bishops.